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Desperate cry for a child


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Do you feel the uncontrollable biological urge that comes over you and calls from the depths of your soul to finally become a mother?

Or you have now found your dream partner and now have the intention to start a family. But the baby, so much in demand, simply does not come ….

When a couple decides to start a family, generally the most beautiful and exciting time of life begins. You dream in love of a common offspring, make plans for the future and test the sound of first names that have already been short-listed in connection with your own last name. But what if the desired pregnancy is a long time coming?

If, despite all expectations, a pregnancy doesn’t work out, you usually go to the doctor first. Scientists estimate that 15 to 30 percent of all couples in industrial nations wait more than a year in vain for their dream child. The majority of couples without children will sooner or later come to a fertility clinic. This is where a true fertility machinery starts up: Multiple blood tests, spermiograms, hormone injections, egg retrievals, artificial insemination (ICSI and IVF) or inseminations can put a strain on the couple’s relationship. And the success rate is not high despite the great effort, it is usually less than ten percent.

Some couples wonder whether there is not also a gentle or natural way to the desired child. I would like to present two alternative approaches: Fertility massage and hormone yoga.

The fertility massage:

Gynaecologist Dr. Gowri Motha, born in Sri Lanka, works for a long time in a practice for reproductive medicine in London. In order to increase the success rate of artificial insemination, she tried many methods and finally found a form of healing that combined massage and reflex zone treatment.

Dr Motha recommended this form of treatment to the women (one massage a week for 6-10 weeks, twice a year) before using artificial insemination. She found that 60 – 80 % of all women became pregnant naturally!

The massage stimulates the sexual organs and the hormones return to their natural balance. The reflex zones for the ovaries, fallopian tubes and uterus are stimulated on the abdomen, thus increasing the body’s ability to conceive.

Although this massage was developed from a gynaecological point of view, its range of application has increased more and more, e.g. for regression, after miscarriages or for menstrual pain.

The massage is constantly being developed further.

Effect of the fertility massage

Strengthening of the immune system

The relaxing and detoxifying effect of the fertility massage can support the immune system. Self-healing powers can begin.

Relaxation in the abdominal area

Especially in the stomach feelings are absorbed and not let go anymore. While the everyday stress is more in the neck, deep feelings like anger or fear are held in the stomach.

The abdominal massage can bring about deep relaxation and the client can let go.


„The load that we carry on our shoulders“ – the stress of everyday life – leads to tension in the neck, shoulder and musculature. This also leads to the formation of metabolic waste products, especially in this area.

The gentle massage of this area can lead both to a relaxation of the muscles, and to the removal of the waste products/deacidification of the neck-shoulder area.

Therefore, it is also important to stimulate the liver and kidney area.

A slight muscle soreness or headache after a gentle massage shows that the body reacts well. Here it helps to drink a lot.

Hormone regulation

Hormones are biochemical messengers that are produced in specialized cells (e.g. thyroid gland, adrenal glands, pancreas) and then released into the bloodstream. There they reach the successful organ and regulate its function.

The fertility massage can regulate the hormonal balance: the length of the cycle, the duration and amount of bleeding, ovulation, the amount of blood flow and the amount of blood flow.

Effect on reproductive organs

The fertility massage increases the blood circulation of the reproductive organs so that they can be detoxified better and thus function better.

Here, too, a slight soreness of the abdominal muscles may occur after the massage.

Degeneration after (miscarriage) birth

Due to the strong stretching during pregnancy, the muscles, especially the pelvic floor, have become slack. The female body is able to tighten itself. This can be supported by regression yoga, regression gymnastics and pelvic floor training.

The fertility massage can also support this, as it can influence both the deeper muscles and the organs themselves.

Also after miscarriages or stillbirths and abortions this form of massage can be very helpful (physical as well as emptional) (at least 6 massages).

Most women find the massage very pleasant.

Many also get for the first time a feeling for what is actually happening in their body, for example during ovulation. For the massage, certain hand postures are used, which either relax or serve as (lymphatic) drainage and align or stimulate organs.

If there are more serious fertility problems, fertility massage can be a good accompaniment to conventional medical fertility treatment. The relaxing, self-healing and self-confident effect is a good counterbalance to the stress of fertility therapy.

A good massage therapist/fertility coach not only focuses on the massage, but also examines the woman’s life situation together with her. It is important to find out where there are problems or stagnation in a woman’s everyday life. For example, whether her diet should be changed, so she may need more or certain other minerals. Or whether she is so overworked professionally that there is no room for a baby in her life and therefore it doesn’t work out. Psychological blockages that stand in the way of conception can also be found and resolved using various methods. The fertility massage can also be supplemented by other alternative healing methods. A massage session takes place once a week (over six to ten weeks). Often, success is achieved within the first six weeks. Later, one refreshment per month is sufficient.

Men can also benefit from the fertility massage. The treatment stimulates the lymphatic system and the excretory functions of the liver and kidneys and promotes hormonal balance. Slag from testicles and vas deferens can be removed and the sperm-producing system „cleaned“ and stimulated. This has proved particularly effective in the case of OAT syndrome (= too little, too little mobile and increasingly malformed sperm).